About Us

About Us

Creative and Collaborative Talent Management

Avanti Talent is a full service talent management company that builds and shapes the careers of performing artists.

We Creatively Match Talent with Talent Buyers

Through strategic development, marketing and promotion for actors, we make meaningful connections with casting directors, producers and directors

We Collaborate with and Support Talent Agents

By providing oersn-point marketing tools for each actor, we empower agents we partner with to find the right opportunities

We are a new breed of Talent Management

We’re on a mission to skillfully market talent in a way that helps talent buyers cast talent effectively and efficiently

We Do Social Media

Avanti Talent is followed on social media by actors, casting directors, producers, and directors. We encourage engagement by sharing business tips, motivational posts, and Avanti at industry events

Our Work

Our Work

Talent Development/Marketing

Avanti works closely with actors to define marketable core-types and unique selling points. We then incorporate that into pictures/resumes, submission clips, marketing media kit, web site, IMDB

Promotion and Sales

We leverage our relationships with main casting directors by phone and email pitches. We attend film/TV festivals, premiers, red carpets, and other industry events with clients to promote and network with film directors and producers

Social Media

Avanti Talent partners with social media strategists to train and guide actors on using Instagram and Facebook as a useful business tool

Public Relations

Avanti works with partner PR firms to get traditional and online press coverage for our clients achievements and successes


Avanti Talent is partnered with production companies for producing broadcast quality submission clips/reels that demonstrate the actors core-types and key selling points

Check out voice over samples from Avanti’s own talent: Click here